Saturday, 30 June 2012

Baby Hannah's Story

“Whilst working at SOS Home for the Physically Disabled in May 2012, I met a very sickly woman bringing her 4 year old for assessment at the home. The child, named Baby Hannah, was unable to sit independently or walk. Because of the severity of her disability she was not eligible for a place at SOS.

Her mother was very discouraged. ~Enable the Children~ workers visited Baby Hannah's home to assess her disability and make a therapy treatment plan. Baby Hannah had profound difficulties with her co-ordination and balance. ~Enable the Children~ were able to assess Baby Hannah and teach her mum how to do daily exercises.

On a follow-up visit 2 weeks later her aunty informed us that Baby Hannah's mum died and the child was now in her care. As ~Enable the Children~ continued to work with Baby Hannah we have seen improvement in her sitting balance and trunk extension. We have provided her with a special supportive chair with table for sitting, eating and playing in. We also recently provided her a special commode for toileting. When we first visited
Baby Hannah, it wasn't unusual for her to be sat in her own urine as her new family did not always help her to the toilet in time. The provision of a commode means she is no longer dependent on waiting for her family to assist her with toileting and there are less incidences of incontinence.

In spite the fact that she lost her mum she continued to improve and is now independently sitting, eating and pulling up to sit on chair from the floor by herself, standing with support and stepping along a bar. Praise be to God for her life and her improvement.”
Written by Abu