Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Help us get there...

Our dedicated team are currently reaching out to 107 disabled children and their families.
We go to them, in their homes, schools, communities.

Help us to get there.

In aid of our fundraising
to buy a new car,

would YOU hold a…. . .…

~ Car Boot Sale ~ Wine Tasting Evening ~ Car Wash
~ Open Garden ~ Marathon / Races ~ Sponsored...…
~ Coffee Morning ~ African Evening ~ Raffle
~ Selling crafts ~ Clothes swop ~ Cream Tea

Bertie” the Landrover was bought used in 2007 when the ~Enable the Children~ project was still in it’s beginnings. Since then many bumpy miles have passed under it’s wheels, many smiles at our arrival, many children clambering on it’s bonnet and many costly mechanical repairs have taken place.

Some of our families live in the city of Freetown where the roads are busy and in poor condition, while many more live in outskirt communities where the roads are sometimes barely passable.
“Bertie” is essential in taking the team directly to the disabled children we work with in Sierra Leone, making most efficient use of our time and efforts.

Sadly, we have come to a time when we feel “Bertie” is costing too much to keep going and a better and more reliable vehicle would be a wiser use of money.

We are currently looking into the best way to do this: buying in-country – with less selection and premium prices; or importing one into SL –which may cause us headaches with unofficial importation and customs problems.

Either way we are needing to raise £6000.

This is where we hope you will help us.

With some individuals already pledging money, we hope more of you might be willing to do some fundraising…

There are some ideas on the 1st page for you to get your creative minds churning…
But any idea, however big or small, that you can put into action will be a great help.
I am also available to come to any groups or meetings of children or adults to give a presentation so you can see the work we are doing which will surely inspire and motivate you.

Any money you raise for us will be a wonderful contribution towards the new car that we so desperately need.
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See our website for info on donating the money straight to our account (#3507) with Links International.

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Registered under Charity No. Links International 327000

Thank you so much.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

A story from one of our children...

Abibatu is a delightful little girl, who is around the age of 8 years old. She has a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy which affects her muscle strength and control in her legs and her perceptual skills.

When ~Enable the Children~ first assessed her, she struggled to stand upright adopting a posture of bent, knock knees and tip-toed ankles, due to the tightness in her muscles. She had poor balance and would often fall down when walking on the uneven terrain where she was living. In addition to this she had difficulty writing and letter formation related to perceptual difficulties of shape, size and orientation.
~Enable the Children~ have been visiting Abibatu in her own home for around 2 years doing stretches, balance exercises, shape awareness and pre-writing skills, as well as educating and teaching the family how to do this on a more day-to-day basis. We had also supported the family by advising and helping fund medical treatment when Abibatu became seriously unwell with malaria
one rainy season. During this long term relationship with the family we have seen a real difference in the care of Abibatu by the family and the neighbours around her.

Following our intervention, it is great to see that Abibatu's posture and balance has significantly improved, demonstrated by the fact she can now run around without falling over. Overall she has a more upright gait, less tightness in her muscles and increased muscle strength. Abibatu is doing well with shapes and is beginning to start copying letters of the alphabet. With our encouragement she has just started attending SOS International School, who have a boarding facility for children with disability where ~Enable the Children~ will continue to work with her. She has made friends quickly and can now be seen running around playing and laughing with the other children.

We know Abibatu's future has been changed for the better because of the intervention of ~Enablethe Children~.

Thank you
for playing your part in changing this child's life.