Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Only in Sierra Leone.....

Could you get pulled over by the Police for following the instructions
of another Police Officer.
Can you talk your way out of getting arrested (no bribing involved!)
Could you be trying to treat a child,
only to be disturbed by a dog chasing a chicken
skidding in circles around you.
Could one walk into a tin hut to get your hair 'barbed' and charge your
phone at the same time.
Could you sit in darkness all evening, to then have the power come at 11pm just in time for you to turn off the lights to go to sleep!
Could that happen 2 nights in a row, then the next 2 nights get no power at all.
Can you sit on the side of the road next to a paradise beach where fishermen are pulling in the catch of the morning, teaching a physio lesson to your assistant.
Can you get so frustrated with the bad drivers around you that you really do need to prayer each day for God's angels to travel with you.
Would you regularly climb a mountain, descend a cliff, dodge through a building site, fight through a packed market place or trek along a sand dune to find your patients in their homes.
Can you be happy to work on the ground amongst the daily happenings of life weather pounding rice, fixing a roof, having an argument or
chopping up chicken, cow skin or even monkey.
Can you drink water by sucking it out from a plastic packet.
Can you feel perfectly normal about wandering around a derelict building
to hopefully find a quiet place to have a pee.

Only in Sierra Leone.............can you know that every day will be an adventure!