Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Sorry for the quietness....

So you might have been wondering what I've been up to since October....... well I've just been a little busy thats all. SORRY for lack of updates...I'll try to make up for it now.
Freetown is still here and I'm still alive you will be pleased to hear!

October and November were very bust months full of Rotary teams. They were full of fun, hard work and a lot of enthusiasm. The teams were all such a blessing to me with gifts of toys, kids equipment, kind words of encouragement and of course decent coffee and CHOCOLATE!!

This is Alf, he worked with a local carpenter Ibrahim, to make a special corner seat for Ali, a baby with Downs Syndrome. As you can see, we were very pleased with it and Ali was obviously so comfortable in it that falling asleep was the thing to do!!!

You might recognise Aminata, an amazing 11 yr old full of attitude, but lovely and bubbly with it...she is wearing some Piedro stability boots brought out by the Rotary teams. I continue to work with Ami and she is always full of joy and cheekiness!!

Musu, at the SOS home is continuing on and is happy with the other children around really accepting her for who she is, not some cursed child as would be believed by others in SL. She really enjoyed the trips to the beach she had with the teams, and it was amazing to see her in an environment she rarely gets to visit. Smiles all round.

The trips to the beach have continued with each of the 3 Rotary teams taking kids from 2 different organisations, and were enjoyed by not only the kids, but the big kids too! I loved it, even though chaos ruled!

More ladies have passed through the doors of the MercyShips Fistula Hospital and through my hands literally. Here are a few of my lovely ladies who unfortunately suffer from neural damage from their prolonged obstructed labours causing very painful feet and ankles and drop foot whilst walking. They graduate from sessions with 'Kadiatu' (my local name) with exercises, foot splints, better walking and plenty of freshly served smiles. Not to mention the fact that they've had life changing surgery which has taken them from a position of rejection in the community because they are incontinent and smelly, to being clean and dry again. PRAISE GOD for this miraculous surgery.

I do get a chance every now and again to take some time out with friends, this is Sandra, a Doctor with MercyShips, she's been a great support and friend to me. I'm glad we can share many of our SL expereinces together.

Breakdowns continue, but life goes on..... always good to know a good mechanic - thanks Abu!
And of course the rugby didn't go amiss.....Lausanne my South African friend (another MercyShips Dr) was loving it! I enjoyed the atmosphere!

So I think that has updated you a fair bit.
Now, having reached exaustion levels I'm taking a bit of time out with my Dad :o) He has come to visit for 10 days and we're off to stay at a beautiful beach tomorrow.

Thanks for your interest in my life, work, joys and sorrows.
I miss you all.