Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Great feedback from our NEW website

We've had such wonderful feedback from our new website, I thought I'd share some of it to make those of you who've not seen it yet go and have a peek...

Great website!!!!
how impressed I am with your website. It looks really excellent ... the logo, the photos, the content
absolutely amazing
It is nice and easy to navigate and easy to read
what a delight
A very moving experience looking through the pages of this web site
It provided a very good background to the work being done and will hopefully inspire many

The site looks great, very professional and informative.
It is easy to use and uncluttered.
I think its great!!!!!!!
What a professional looking website. Well done.Looks Fab. Really easy to use and clear to read.
Great stuff. Well done!!!
This is fabulous
Thanks to all who gave us feedback... keeping talking about it - it's great publicity for us!!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Interviews coming up...

That's right.... time for interviewing again.

The ~Enable the Children~ team in Sierra Leone are on the look out for a new Rehab Assistant to train up.

A large part of our aim is to pass on therapy skills to national Sierra Leoneans by having them work practically with us as well as more formal study.

However finding people who are willing to work hard and study hard, work with children who are often outcast due to their severe disability as well as crossing other cultural boundries like getting on the dirt floor to play with these children and sometimes being dribbled (or worse!) over.... it's not an easy person to come by.

So please pray with us that we find the right person.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

~Enable the Children~ WEBSITE LAUNCH :o)

It has been a while coming, but I'm pleased to announce the launching of


It's a great read and looks amazing thanks to the same guy who designed
our logo Huw Briscoe (
www.unfoldstudio.com). He and I have worked hard
on the content and you'll even recognise some of the faces!

It would be great if you CHECK US OUT and send in comments/thoughts on what you see!!
I'd love to hear from you.

Abu and Sarah continue visiting our families out in Sierra Leone as the rainy season starts. Please keep them and their safety in mind at this time. More updates to follow....

Thanks to you all