Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Extremes and Website, on it's way...

The last few months have been somewhat busy.

My transition back into the UK has had it's ups and downs. There have been such special times with friends and family with many events like Christmas, birthday's and Easter. And settling down into working in NHS hospitals and with patients in the community in the UK has been a huge adjustment too - the diagnostic facilities here are amazing, as are the medicines, the wide range of highly skilled professionals, even access to equipment, bathrooms and clean running water are alien to our children and their families in Sierra Leone.

Why are there such extremes in this world?

No-one can answer that, but we all can live in a way that is respectful and caring of others around us, both near and far. And those of us living in such priveledged societies, make sure we are thankful and appreciative of those blessings.

The news from ~Enable the Children~ is that we have been working hard on a new short film clip and website (

Watch this space, but they are going to be amazing!