Sunday, 4 March 2012

Our new car is on it's way to Sierra Leone....

That's right.... it really is happening.  
After months of work researching, finding the right car, checking it over, making various payments, sorting the paperwork, waiting patiently, learning about shipping, explaining our story over and over, getting our logos on the car, then finally driving it to the Port in Tilbury..... FINALLY the car is now on a ship heading to Freetown!
All hands on deck... Rob helping with the logo stickers
Even my neightbours helped.... Thanks Dick and Foggy
Putting stickers on a wet car took a little bit of work
A proud moment... to see our ~Enable the Children~ logo revealed

The Port was an interesting journey.... never shipped a car to Africa before!  Happy to finally get there after 2hrs plus driving, only to be asked to sit and wait for an hour at the main enterance... too much traffic in the Dock apparently!  
Finally I was allowed through, only to join another queue.  Chatting to the men (and being aware of being the only female around!) I was frustrated to hear that I might have to wait another 2-3hours my which point the port would be closing :o(  Oh no! I exclaimed, not wanting to sleep in the car overnight in the port waiting for the dock to reopen in the morning when I needed to be back at work!  Chatting some more the guys 'spoke to a few people' popping back in between for a little more banter.  In the meantime I've sent out some texts asking for prayers.  Then one of the guys strolled up and asked if I'd like to go to the front of the queue since I was sending the vehicle empty!  Yes please!  So the next thing I knew I was following the hi-vis guy crawling along in the car past the long queue of others (it did feel a bit cheecky but I wasn't going to knock back the offer).  15 mins later I was walking out of the port and on my way into London to get home to Southampton on public transport!

It's been a long journey to get the car this far.  Not long now and it should be arriving in Freetown.  Then the fun with the paper work starts!  

Please pray with us for the rest of the journey... getting the team a new form of transport is essential in the continuity of our work of seeing the disabled children in thier own homes for rehab and support.
Our logo's and car banners have been
made by The Sign Shop, who each time we have needed their help have been excellent and always do the work in a few days for us - always helpful when you've got a ship to catch.  We'd certainly recommend them.